Meiji 8000v guard tour reader is designed for the harshest environments. The metal body and molded rubber shell, which protect the electronics against damage and secure the collected data, are the key points to 8000v reader’s extreme durability. With special waterproof pad and adhesive, the reader is so waterproof that it even can work under water. Furthermore, over 60,000 reads are able to be stored before the next download of data.

The 8000v guard tour reader works with the popular RFID tag. With a simple non-contect swipe, you can access information from tag, and then download patrol data to our intellectualized management software with a USB port cable. The information reports can demonstrate the guards patrolling activities.
The Guard Tour Recorder Features:

  • c/w: ID Tag x 2 Pcs & Check Point x 10 Pcs
  • Alloy Body, Molded Rubber Shell, Super Durability
  • Non-Contacting Reading
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Sabotage Absorbent, Resistant To Electrical Shock
  • USB Cable Communications, High Download Speed
  • Super Storage Capacity 4MB Flash (60,000 Records)
  • Read RFID Tag ≤ 5cm
  • Brilliant Exterior Design, Easy Operation
  • Real Time Internal Clock
  • Low Power Consumption And Long Battery Life (270,000 Continuous Reads)

Technical Information

  • Working Frequency : 12KHz
  • Operating Temperature : -20° C to +50° C
  • Humidity : 10% to 98% Non-Condensing
  • Memory : 4 MB Flash ROM
  • Battery : 3.0V Lithium Battery, 1200mAh
  • Signal Card Detection : Auto Induction Card-Reading
  • Card reading Distance : 3cm – 5cm
  • Communication : USB Cable, 57600 BPS, 4000 Recorders Per Minute
  • Dimension : 130mm x 40mm x 28mm
  • Net Weight : 196g


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